Please note our site is currently being rebuilt and not all pages are populated as much as we’d like and not all pages yet exist. But you’ll get the general idea of what we’re about. If you are unsure then please e-mail info@functionoffice.org for more information.

Thanks for dropping by our site, on this page you’ll get the highlights of what we’re all about. If you feel like finding out more, then please read through the 6 main areas that we help with. You’ll find those on the side bar at the top.

What? We’re a not for profit organisation, limited by guarantee and conforming to section 62 of the Companies Act 2006. In this way we’re similar to a Community Interest Company or Charity.

Why? We primarily raise awareness, promote the use and development of free/open source software and services. To fulfil our aims we freely use our knowledge and services to help in the aims of others like community groups and individual volunteers with a good cause in mind.

Where? We’re based in Newcastle-under-Lyme but we’ve assisted dozens of campaigns, ethical companies, preservation projects and university / hobby / political / user groups to name only a few, both in the UK and in other countries.

When? We’ve been going since 2001, incorporated since 2008.

Who? We’re ran entirely by unpaid volunteers and donations.


Although we can’t pay your bills or give you a grant! We do share what we already have such as our own time, experience, hardware and services including…

  • Designing basic web sites and social media pages
  • Phone, SMS and e-mail canvassing facilities
  • General IT consultation and advise
  • Developing niche software, scripts and add-ons
  • Loaning servers, computers and desk phones
  • Technology and information training courses
  • Graphic design including leaflets, posters and logos
  • Server colocation & VMs in a state of the art data suite
  • Hosting e-mail, web sites, phone systems, etc…

We’ll always act professionally and we’ll only try to assist as much as you’ve asked us to, we don’t want to be a nuisance!

Contact us and we’ll see how we’re able to help… info@functionoffice.org or 0300 3030 626