We’re a collective of volunteers with experience working in various information technology fields with a preference for open development and standards. This nonprofit organisation was formed by us to conduct research, development, engage in advocacy, and to make it easier to freely share our time, resources, and knowledge with others.

Note: This website is undergoing some changes, so you may find some content is missing or incomplete. If you don’t find what you’re looking for then please get in touch.

If that sounds a little vague, then this may help…

Who? We’re run entirely by volunteers who try to make time between their regular jobs, which are mostly in information technology. We’re also sometimes offered the time and knowledge of other individuals and groups that we’re very grateful to.

What? We’re a registered nonprofit organisation, limited by guarantee and in compliance with section 62 of the Companies Act 2006. All our objectives and assets are solely used for the promotion of computer science and similar fields.

When? We started operating with this name and purpose since the 10th November 2001, but we registered as a nonprofit organisation exactly 7 years later in 2008. Mostly so that we could receive donations easier and procure needed services.

Where? We’re most physically present at the Keele University campus, but we’re structured in a way that our reach isn’t just local. We’ve assisted many different nonprofits, charities, campaigns, societies, and so on… across various continents.

Why? We raise awareness, and our own knowledge, in the use and development of free/open-source software and services. We fulfil this aim with our own projects and freely helping others, such as community groups and individuals with a good cause.


Amongst a wide variety of different projects we’re publicly and internally engaged in, we’re known for directly helping other groups and individuals with a good cause. This is on a case by case basis, but it helps our aims of raising awareness about free/open source software and keeps our skills sharp too.

We achieve this by sharing what we already have such as our own time, knowledge, hardware and services including…

  • Designing of web sites and working with social media sites
  • E-mail, phone and text messaging canvassing for campaigning
  • Development of applications, scripts and extensions
  • Maintenance of digital signage, Wi-Fi, switches and cameras
  • Loaning equipment like servers, computers and phones
  • Conducting and preparing training courses and materials
  • Graphic design including leaflets, posters and logos
  • Local network support such as office computers and printers
  • Data centre co-location and virtual machine hosting
  • Hosting services such as e-mail, web sites and phone systems
  • General technology consultations, and more…

Since everything we offer is completely free, you’ll never get any hard sell from us. We’ll always try to act professionally and assist only as much as you’ve asked us to.

Contact us and we’ll see how we’re able to help… or 0300 3030 626