Note: This page is one of a few which hasn’t yet had a full first draft written and is work in progress.

Putting things succinctly… we have a couple dozen rack units of space over two locations in the UK where we host our own equipment and operate a couple of virtual machine platforms.

Using this and other network-related services we operate The Seaquake Network. This is basically any service or equipment which is servicing the needs of Function Office including it’s clients such as the individuals and non-profit groups that we help.

This means we can host things like…

  • Web sites
  • E-mail
  • Phone systems
  • Video game servers
  • Instant messaging servers
  • Mailing lists and newsgroups
  • Whole Virtual Machines
  • Co-location of existing servers you may want to host
  • and much more…

The Seaquake Network, or simply Seaquake… is one of the oldest projects of Function Office. Originally starting out as The Sinclair Network back in 2001.

More information will appear on this page soon, including a plethora of people we’ve helped with this service over the years.